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Breastfeeding Poem
written by Erin O’Reilly, 2015

It’s Mom’s Secret Recipe    
Oh, so Fine       

Specially Formulated  

Every Time 

Hundreds of Ingredients

Known to Be

Each Babe Gets it Customized

All for Free

     Nourish with Your Own Milk    

         From Your Breast            

            It’s as Dear and Strong as Silk               

                   Endures all Test                           

         This Wholesome Brew From                   

                 Mother to Child                           

            Through Ages and Cultures                     

      Tames Our Wild                 
It’s a Feat of Biology    
Nature’s Art        
A Womanly Superpower    
To do our Part      
This Potent Elixir of    
Liquid Might        
Nourishes and Protects    
And is so Right       
    This Corporeal Effusion            
       Of Good Health                
        Endows our Children with         
                                    a Wealth of Health                                      
Even Through Turmoil
Trouble or Strife
Breast is the very Best
For a Good Life
This Gift Everlasting
Like Liquid Glue
Bridging and Bonding
Me to You


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